Hollywood’s Getting “Real” About The Paranormal
Harry Jacobson

Paranormal, supernatural and metaphysical themes have always been amongst the most popular in television and film. This is further supported by recent Gallop polls that show a growing worldwide popularity and fascination in these extraordinary subjects. Amidst the Hollywood minds who are creating the next-generation in thrilling entertainment is one young writer/director/producer who brings to his creations not only his incomparable imagination, but his real-life encounters with actual paranormal phenomena. Christopher Chacon is most notably known as the creator, writer and executive producer for the TV series, “PSI Factor”, a dramatic adventure-thriller starring Dan Aykroyd, Michael Moriarity and Matt Frewer. The series completed a total of 88 episodes that are currently being broadcast in over 35 countries worldwide.

Besides Christopher’s work in television, film and theatre, he is also one of the world’s foremost authorities and experts on paranormal, supernatural and anomalous phenomena and the study of ancient mysticism and metaphysical practices. He is a former scientific investigator with The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.). This clandestine private agency is the only legitimate organization in the world that scientifically explores anomalous, paranormal and supernatural phenomena. As an operative of the O.S.I.R., Christopher has been on thousands of cases dealing with haunts and poltergeists, demonic possessions and holy miracles, UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, psychic phenomena of every type and miscellaneous phenomena involving sightings of strange creatures and bizarre anomalous events. Christopher additionally specialized in countless expeditions, archaeological explorations and research studies in every corner of the world dealing with ancient mysticism, metaphysics, supernatural beliefs and ancient earth mysteries.

In a world where audiences crave to see more and more “reality”, Christopher does what even the most celebrated writer/director/producers of this genre cannot do by bringing his real-life experiences into his creations and breathing life into the phenomena and the surrounding stories he depicts.

Born and raised in a small farm community in northern California, Christopher started his career in entertainment as a professional illusionist/master magician who was already touring his amazing performances to state and county fairs while still in elementary school. Soon taking on industrial shows and conventions, his international performances paid his way through college. After graduating from college with degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Theatrical Arts he continued his writing and directing in theatre, in addition to his magical performances. However, his theatrical success was abruptly interrupted when he was recruited by the O.S.I.R.

After receiving O.S.I.R.’s unparalleled one-of-a-kind scientific training, he participated in thousands of clandestine investigations, experiments, expeditions and research studies all over the world. While with the O.S.I.R. he was additionally a member of The Federation of American Scientists, The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences, National Center for Science Education and The Society for Scientific Exploration.

Because of his documented and proven credibility, extraordinary background, unparalleled expertise and one-of-a-kind experiences, Christopher has done interviews and made appearances on countless TV and radio shows all over the world, including, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Dateline”, “National Geographic Explorer”, “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung”, “The Tom Snyder Show”, “20/20”, “NBC, FOX, ABC, BBC, Nippon Network News”, and the list goes on and on.

Upon leaving the O.S.I.R., Christopher dove back into the entertainment industry, now coupling his amazing experiences with his natural boundless imagination. After working as a creative consultant, writer and eventually a producer for a variety of theatrical productions, television series and made-for-TV-movies, Christopher created “PSI Factor” and was the writer and executive producer/showrunner of the successful dramatic-adventure cult-series.  Since the recent completion of the series, Christopher has been creating films and new television projects specifically surrounding his remarkable area of expertise.

When not working in film, television or theatre, Christopher is either traveling the world on expeditions surrounding ancient mysticism and supernatural phenomena and on occasion, selectively taking on new cases of paranormal disturbances. Although no longer with the O.S.I.R. (some say that no one can ever really leave the agency once you are a member), Christopher still receives hundreds of urgent requests from all over the world for his assistance in dealing with volatile paranormal disturbances. From high-ranking religious officials to traumatized citizens, from corporate and government officials to celebrities and dignitaries, Christopher selectively takes on very few requests each month, now referring to this calling as “my night job”, eventhough he takes on these cases at no charge.

When asked at a college lecture appearance about what percentage of cases are real phenomena, Christopher responded, “of the many types of recurring phenomena investigated when I was with the O.S.I.R., some 70 to 80 percent had rational explanations. The remaining 20 to 30 percent could not be scientifically explained and defied the known laws of nature and physics. Of course we were required to follow a strict scientific protocol and only observe and document the phenomena. All real phenomena we documented and studied were classified as preternatural”. While he certainly does not deal with the same quantity of cases when he was with the O.S.I.R., the few select cases he focuses on now are only part of the 20 to 30 percent and are screened and filtered through a meticulous fact-checking process before the referrals ever reach him. Christopher further explains that while he was with O.S.I.R., his life was drastically altered as he was required to conform to their strict specialized “pure science” approach, based around the “observer effect”, a principle of “Heisenberg’s Theory”. “Now that I am no longer with O.S.I.R. and can apply abilities and methods that are outside of the understanding of science, I’m able to approach and deal with phenomena on an entirely different level.”

Hollywood writers, directors and producers are constantly developing film and television projects, in hopes of hitting it big with the next “X-Files” or “The Sixth Sense”. The world’s ever-growing fascination and demand for the paranormal, supernatural and metaphysical constantly drive this Hollywood creative machine. From possessions and exorcisms like in “The Exorcist” to poltergeists and haunts like in “Poltergeist” and “The Ring”. From UFO and extraterrestrial encounters as portrayed in “Close Encounters” and “Signs” to psychic phenomena as seen in “Firestarter” and “Flatliners”. Amazingly enough, many of Christopher’s real-life experiences eclipse most of the phenomena depicted in these fictitious films.

Christopher’s amazing experiences give him a unique and fascinating perspective on these phenomena that rivals the imaginations of even the best suspense, dramatic, thriller and horror creators. While a good imagination will always be a treasured asset in the Hollywood entertainment world, it is Christopher’s riveting real-life experiences, along with his phenomenal imagination, that further ad a startling dimension to his creations transforming this entertaining genre into an unforgettable experience of mind-boggling proportions.

HARRY JACOBSON has been an independent journalist/writer for ten years, submitting to Entertainment Weekly, USA Today and FX Magazine